Declaration on accessibility

Operator of the tourist offer of or and responsibility for content:

Tourismus-Zweckverband Schweinfurt 360°
City Hall, Markt 1
97421 Schweinfurt
Phone +49 9721 51360-0
Fax +49 9721 51360-1

Creation of the declaration on accessibility

This declaration was created on September 23, 2020 and applies to the website tourismus.schweinfurt.deexterner Link and subdomains of the page.

This version is only used to provide services. The authoritative version of the declaration on accessibility is the version in German.

State of compatibility with requirements

The Tourismus-Zweckverband Schweinfurt 360 ° endeavors to reconcile the website tourismus.schweinfurt.deexterner Link with the Disability Equality Act (BGG) and the Bavarian Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BayBITV).

Currently, the subject areas listed below do not fully correspond to the current status of accessibility, with the exception of disproportionate loads according to Article 5 of EU Directive 2016/2102:

  • Videos
  • PDF documents
  • Flip catalogs
  • Content in simple language and sign language

Known issues with accessibility

  • Low contrast design
  • Contact forms
  • Alternative texts and image descriptions

The Tourismus-Zweckverband Schweinfurt 360 ° is continuously working on expanding the accessibility of tourismus.schweinfurt.deexterner Link.

There is currently no information on accessibility for the following external applications:

  • Online booking tool from OBS OnlineBuchungService GmbH
  • Hiking and cycling tour portal from hubermedia GmbH
  • OpenStreetMaps
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Maps

Contact website owner

The Tourismus-Zweckverband Schweinfurt 360 ° is the owner and publisher of the website https://tourismus.schweinfurt.deexterner Link. You are welcome to provide feedback on the lack of accessibility at or using our form for missing accessibility. We try to implement these suggestions. If you have any questions or would like more information about the accessibility of, we also provide information.

Contact the arbitration board

The authority responsible for checking and enforcing accessibility is the State Office for Digitization, Broadband and Surveying. You can submit an application to check accessibility using the following contact details:

IT service center of the Free State of Bavaria
Enforcement and monitoring body for barrier-free information technology
St.-Martin-Strasse 47
81541 Munich
Email: Link

Link to the application form for an examination by the arbitration boardexterner Link

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