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City stories with the vintner boy Peter

With a cooper blouse, humor and delicious Franconian wine, the vintner boy Peter is ready for the city tour.

Together he will explore the old town of Schweinfurt with you. How long has viticulture existed in Schweinfurt? And are there still vintners in town at all? You will hear interesting stories about Schweinfurt and the long tradition of viticulture in the region.
In between times, Peter has reserved a good drop of Franconian wine for you at the Dahms wine tavern.


City stories with the vintner boy Peter
Markt 1
97421 Schweinfurt

opening hours
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wine tasting

from 0.1l glass of secco / wine EUR 3.00 in the Dahms wine bar

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Guided Tours
Minimum of participants (min.): 1

languages: deutsch
price: EUR 85.00 for 90 minutes for up to 20 people
Audioset available.
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