Art Treasures
From linear pottery to Gunter Sachs.

From the oldest village in Germany to modern rolling bearing technology, you will find a rich cultural asset with us that is shown in our art treasures.

Where does all the art come from?

Thanks to great industrialists like the Sachs or Schäfer family, extensive art collections can now be admired in the Georg Schäfer Museum and the Kunsthalle Schweinfurt. The famous Gunter Sachs was born here at Mainberg Castle.

Thanks to the mild climate, the first farmers settled here. Today Schwanfeld is considered the oldest village in Germany. In the Bandkeramik Museum you can marvel at over 400 clay figures and ceramic art from the Stone Age.

We don't just have art in museums. Our Franconian wayside shrines show you art history carved in stone from the Middle Ages to the present day. You can enjoy art at every turn in the great outdoors.


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