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Viniculture Irene and Georg Bauer

Wine and fine: Are you in the mood for sweet or sour? Besides wine and blackthorn liqueur, the vineyard Bauer offers you squiffy fruits.

Irene and Georg - being on the wineside of life


Irene and Georg grow everything by themselves at their family farm. Wine from the Stammheim Eselsberg wineyard and fruits and vegetables bathing in sunlight from the Lerchenberg. Sweet pepper mixed with zucchini, red wine tangled with plums and white wine kissing cherries. Even kiwis for jam grow on the farm. Regional products are manifoldly processed to high-quality products.

Feel Good Recipe

  • sun-ripened fruits
  • homemade specialities
  • as if from Granny's days

Speciality from the house

squiffy fruits and blackthorn liqueur

Viniculture Irene and Georg Bauer
Lindenweg 7
97509 Kolitzheim

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  • winetating
  • wine evenings
  • wine tavern
  • guided wineyard tours
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