world-leading technology and world-famous art

Find out more about us Schweinfurters and what there is to see and experience here ...

Moving Technology

The name Schweinfurt is closely associated with inventions that move the world:

Ball and roller bearings and the modern bicycle with a freewheel hub are invented here. The Ferrari clutch in Michael Schumacher's racing car was also created in the minds of Schweinfurt inventors.

Shot tower, Sachs exhibition and bicycle museum are just a few of the numerous tips you can discover in Schweinfurt on the subject of technology and industrial history.​​​​

Famous Art

In the Georg Schäfer Museum you will get to know the most important private art collection of German painting from 1760 to 1930. In addition to Menzel, Liebermann and Corinth, the world's largest Carl Spitzweg collection is located in Schweinfurt. 

The Kunsthalle Schweinfurt presents art from classical modernism to contemporary art. Above all, paintings, sculptures and installations from Germany after 1945 are on display.  

The Original

Here you will find the original:

works of art such as Caspar David Friedrich's “Evening on the Baltic Sea” or the audience favorite “The Bookworm” by Carl Spitzweg.

Already shown several times: Original Gunter Sachs!

Collection items, art objects and photographs by Gunter Sachs can be admired here from time to time. Schweinfurt and the Sachs family is a success story across the board.

"We Schweinfurters don't just move Ferrari racing cars. We move the world." 

Schweinfurt Way of Life


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