My day to Schweinfurt

Immerse yourself in the exciting history of the city and discover Schweinfurt's collections of international reputation...

Immerse Yourself in City History

Directly on the market square you can get free brochures on the city's history, the city wall tour and sights in our tourist information. 

Get to know the 1200-year history of Schweinfurt on our city tour in 90 minutes.

City Wall Circuit

Go on a discovery tour on the city wall circuit around the historic old town and along the former city wall. Display boards show you historical information on historical sights and old buildings.

medieval "Zürch"

The oldest district of Zurich is a tranquil place. Here you can still hear the old wooden wheels of the carts bumping along the narrow cobblestone streets.

Here you will find the Salvatorkirche, small restaurants and individual shops.

The Poor Swineherd

You will also meet the swineherd with his small flock of pigs on a street in Zurich.

Rubbing the pig's snout by hand brings good luck and is popular with children and adults.

Fruit And Vegetable Market

And just like in the Middle Ages, vegetable and fruit farmers from the region come to the market square on market days.

Try regional products:
strawberries, rare tomatoes, honey, jams and homemade schnapps are waiting for you.

Market Days

The fruit, vegetable and flower market is open all day on Tuesday and Friday and until 2 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Once a month there is a farmers market on Saturdays with hearty regional specialties.

Immerse Yourself in significant Art

Schweinfurt's leading global industrialists have built up impressive, world-class private art collections. Today they form the basis for the art museums in Schweinfurt.

The Kunsthalle Schweinfurt is abstract and modern, while the Georg Schäfer Museum is more dignified and realistic .

long Museum Evening

The weekly long Tuesday evening in the Georg Schäfer Museum until 8 p.m. and the long Thursday until 9 p.m. in the Kunsthalle Schweinfurt are popular.

Caspar David Friedrich and Carl Spitzweg

Immerse yourself in the world's largest collection of Carl Spitzweg works with 160 paintings and 120 drawings.

In the Georg Schäfer Museum you can see famous works such as “The Bookworm”, “The Cactus Lover” or “The Intercepted Love Letter”.

The art exhibition is supplemented by other art focuses such as the Romantics or the panel painting of the Nazarenes.

Among the top pieces in the museum are the world-famous painting by Caspar David Friedrich "Evening on the Baltic Sea".

Art Gallery Schweinfurt

Go for a swim in art. The Kunsthalle Schweinfurt was a swimming pool until 2004.

It was built by the industrialist Ernst Sachs. He is the inventor of the torpedo freewheel hub, which is still installed in modern bicycles today.

The Kunsthalle Schweinfurt is a ten-minute walk from the Georg Schäfer Museum and the art exhibition there ties in with the Georg Schäfer Museum .

Those who like it more modern and abstract are in good hands here.

Art Break

Digest the art impressions with coffee and cake or wine and pots. Our city is known for its lovingly furnished cafés.

The Chateaudunpark right next to the art gallery will sweeten your stay with lush flowers.

Enjoying quiet moments

Shady and idyllic, the Philosophengang winds its way along the city wall for a few quiet moments. 

Stroll Along the River

During a relaxed stroll along the Gutermann Promenade, you can stroll past numerous art sculptures and historical industrial monuments.Horses used to pull ships up the river on this former towpath.

A cast-iron manual slewing crane and the first whale branch in the world bear witness to the beginnings of industrialization in Schweinfurt.

"Pig"Nic on the Main RiverBank

Enjoy our "Pig"Nic Basket on the banks of the Main:

Schweinfurt Secco from the Dahms winery, hearty shortbread from Mainbäcker Heinrich, a cozy blanket and two glasses in a fabric basket are available for you at the tourist information:

15.00 € all inclusive

We look forward to your visit and will be happy to give you a few tips for secluded picnic areas in Schweinfurt!

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